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coming spring 2020
All-in-one software for artists, booking agencies, and artist managers in the music and entertainment industry

Streamlined bookings

Keep all your bookings well organized and up-to-date, generate contracts and invoices for your clients and keep your team in the loop with your own automated task lists.

Automated itineraries

Flights change. So do itineraries. Mainstage keeps track of all of the flights related to your booking. If they change, we update the data and notify everyone who needs to get notified.

Paperless workflows

Forget printing and scanning. Get your contracts and documents signed without a single print or scan operation, and save time in an eco-friendly way. Pretty cool, right?

At Home
Simple & Powerful

Make yourself at home

Managing many bookings is confusing. We thrive on helping you get organized with a dashboard that will make you feel right at home. Our intuitive yet simple way of doing things will impress you. You'll love it.

Our Mission

Focus on what matters

Our mission is to bring booking agencies, managers, tour managers, and artists to one platform, to increase workflow and keep everyone in the loop.

Mischa Sigtermans
founder of Mainstage
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We are looking for geeks that would like to test Mainstage. Want to be part of our adventure? Leave your email and we'll be in touch.

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When is Mainstage launching?

We aim to release Mainstage in Q2 this year. This release will contain basic agency features and is mainly focussed on the artist accounts. A detailed roadmap will follow.

How much will it cost?

The pricing depends on the type of account, combined with the amount bookings you have or artists you manage. Our pricing will go live as soon as Mainstage goes live on public.

Will I be able to import data?

In short, yes. However, this feature is not our top priority for now. This also depends on how other platforms can deliver your data.

Will there be a free plan?

Yes. An artist account will be free up to 3 bookings per month, agency accounts will be able to use Mainstage for 30 days during a trial period.